We provide new thinking for progressive leaders to create productive, positively viewed service organisations

Reconceive: Better for customers | Better for the organisation | Better for you


Give every customer exceptional service at less cost

Learn what creates value for customers by understanding their circumstances, needs, and issues

Service customers by the most effective means wherever they interact with the organisation

Get it right for the customer the first time by designing services that are adaptable and responsive

Reduce operational expense and increase service capacity by removing failure demand and non-value activity

Deliver successful technology projects by improving services first, then using technology to make them even better


Build capability to enable people to work productively

Ensure everybody has clarity of what they do, how well they are working, as an individual and as part of a team, and what authority they have to make decisions

Create, sustain and improve productive social cohesion to enable people to work productively to their potential

Build a structure that recognises work complexity to ensure everyone works on the right work, has the right authority, the right capability, and demonstrates positive behaviour

Understand the importance of being able to ‘walk the talk’ by ensuring interactions and work processes are consistent with what we say or do

Establish quantitative measures that help understand if workloads are being managed effectively and customers are receiving value


Create positive behaviour and a productive culture

Continuously and systematically seek to understand how people experience their work, their leader and the organisation

Understand and change the shared mythologies underpinning existing organisational culture

Ensure that all working relationships: hierarchical and lateral, are clearly understood

Form a positive productive culture at all levels through every single interaction

Consistently use positive leadership behaviour and symbolism to create effective ways for people to work together


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