We work with progressive leaders who have become disillusioned by traditional change approaches’ inability to create a change in behaviour or leadership capability.

We help provide fresh thinking for progressive leaders for improving customer service, leadership and culture.  We do this by offering guidance in the form of principles, concepts and tools based upon a coherent and integrated theory of organisational behaviour underpinned by over 25 years of research and application in the field.

The normal corporate thinking is to just throw more people at a problem.  With our approach, you gain an entirely new perspective for solving problems.  As a result, customers services are made easier and better, colleagues are enabled to work more productively, more work gets done with less people, and a positive organisational culture is created, continually improved and sustained.

We have a 25-year track record in the private sector, public sector, and voluntary organisations.  In private sector organisations, customer satisfaction, sales, retention and capacity increases, operational expense plummets, and colleagues are more engaged through working in an organisation that allows them to work productively to their potential.  In public sector and voluntary organisations, a far better experience for each human being using a service is created (often at a time of great need), a productive work environment is created, and the organisation is enabled to do much more under constrained budgets.  When clients have invested in our services, they receive a cost neutral ROI at a minimum, increasing to a typical 200% – 400% return.

We are the only consultancy licensed and accredited in both the Vanguard Method and Systems Leadership.  Unlike other consultancies, we never create dependency on our services, instead, our approach builds capability in your people to change your organisation through transferring knowledge, technical expertise, and skills to create a situation where we are no longer needed.


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