Are you frustrated by the way conventional organisations function and the consequences that result, a frustration that is compounded further by the inability of traditional change approaches, fads, and magic cures to create positively viewed and productive organisations that deliver lasting improvements in service delivery, leadership, and culture?  Are you someone who actually likes, respects and is fascinated by people, and intuitively understands that leadership is a social process?  Are you comfortable that your role as a leader is everchanging rather than fixed, and that your role is to support, enable and build capability in others to work productively to their potential?  Are you someone who still loves to learn?

We help progressive leaders, like you, to liberate your colleagues and your organisation from stultifying systems and structure, and eliminate the waste caused by unclear objectives, arbitrary use of power, and excessive levels of activity and effort (much of it unproductive) found in most organisations.  

We provide fresh thinking on how to transform your organisation to give every customer exceptional service at less cost to the organisation, build leadership capability to enable people to work more productively, and create lasting positive change in people’s behaviour and organisational culture. We do this by offering guidance using award-winning practical methods and leadership tools based upon a coherent and integrated theory of organisational behaviour underpinned by over 25 years of research and application in the field.  

We have a 25-year track record in the private and public sector, and voluntary organisations.  In private sector organisations, we have been able to assist these organisations to improve customer satisfaction and sales, increase retention and capacity, drastically reduce operational expense, and enable colleagues to be more engaged through working in an organisation that allows them to work productively, to their potential.  In public sector and voluntary organisations, we help create far simpler and better experiences for each person using a service (often at a time of great need) and, at the same time, achieve far more under constrained budgets whilst creating a more productive and sustainable work environment.

Most typically, our clients have received a 200% ROI. In some cases, this has been as high as 500%.

Unlike other consultancies, we never create long term dependency on our services.  Instead, our approach builds capability in you and your colleagues, through transferring knowledge, technical expertise, and skills, to create a sustainable and successful organisation where we are no longer needed.  That is our measure of success.

We also work collaboratively with other partners, including partnerships with Macdonald Associates ConsultancyVanguard Consulting and TommorrowX.

David Joyce

David has worked in a variety of organisations as a senior leader, ranging from startups through to multinationals.

In the early 2000’s David became a pioneer of, and major contributor to, the Agile, Lean and Systems Thinking movements. This led him to being awarded the Lean Brickell Key award in 2010 and in becoming a fellow of the Global Lean Society in 2012.

Today, David is a leading authority on organisational change. He provides fresh thinking for progressive leaders, helping them to improve digital and service delivery, leadership, and culture.

David is recognised as a thought-leader and is a well-known international public speaker. He is the author of the books ‘Reconceive: New thinking for progressive leaders to create productive, positively viewed service organisations’ and ‘Theories of Work: Origins of the Design and Management of Work’, and his blog has been ranked as one of the world’s top 100 organisational change blogs.

Tim Banner

During the past 10 years Tim has consulted extensively in the public and private sectors in both Australia and New Zealand. Previously, Tim spent 20 years in the UK within the Financial Services industry, and during that time he held various leadership roles. 

Tim’s background includes leading change in a range of organisations from large multinationals to local government departments. Tim has helped to lead organisations to massive improvements in service, efficiency, revenue and morale, and is the author of the book ‘Reconceive: New thinking for progressive leaders to create productive, positively viewed service organisations’.


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