Private, public, and voluntary organisations all provide services we either like to consume or require to lead a fulfilling and healthy life. As such, well-functioning service organisations are central to a productive and positive society.

A central premise of this book is that, over time, customers come to negatively view service organisations. We have found, time and again, the failure to bring people together to achieve the purpose the organisation has been set up to accomplish is the reason customers of service organisations hold this negative view.

This book is about establishing leadership designed to liberate people and organisations from stultifying systems and structures. It is about eliminating the waste caused by unclear objectives, arbitrary use of power, and the excessive levels of activity and effort found in many organisations.

In short, we help progressive leaders understand and treat systemic causes of poor customer and employee experiences, unproductive activity, and unnecessary operational expense. What results is a productive and positively viewed organisation, that is better for customers, better for the organisation, and better for you and your colleagues.

We offer guidance, using award-winning practical methods and leadership tools based upon a coherent and integrated theory of organisational behaviour underpinned by over 25 years of research and application in the field.

The purpose of this book is to help you, as a progressive leader, to positively change your service organisation for the benefit of all.


If your role in a service organisation is operational leadership, executive leadership, or as a board member, and you are: frustrated by the organisational status quo and the consequences that result, a frustration that is compounded further by the inability of traditional change approaches, fads, and magic cures to create positively viewed and productive organisations that deliver lasting improvements in service delivery, leadership, and culture; someone who actually likes, respects, and is fascinated by people, and intuitively understands that leadership is about creating social cohesion; comfortable that your role is ever-changing rather than fixed, and that your role is to support, enable, and build capability in others to work productively to their potential; and someone who still loves to learn, then this book will provide fresh thinking and opportunities on how to transform your organisation to give every customer exceptional service at less cost to the organisation.

It provides valuable insights into how to build leadership capability to enable people to work more productively and create lasting positive change in people’s behaviour and organisational culture.


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