Our unique approach to transforming an organisation is receiving recognition more broadly within the service industry, with one of our clients, WorkCover Queensland, winning the ‘Australian Service Excellence Award: Customer Service Project of the Year’ for continuous improvement from the Customer Service Institute of Australia (CSIA).

Many books, articles, and case studies have been written about how to improve service, leadership, and culture, but very few attempt to link theory and ideas with actual, specific outcomes. Some may make general claims of a significant increase in productivity or efficiency, but do not provide supporting data.

We believe it is important to provide this data. In the sections below we have included several case studies that describe in concrete terms the astonishing results achieved when progressive leaders have reconceived service delivery, leadership, and culture to create more positively viewed and productive service organisations.

Notification of health insurance claim to first payment reduced by 58%
Average household claim settlement time reduced 70%
Average settlement for insurance claims reduced by 82%
Net Promoter Score increased to 70%
60% capacity gained
Reduced calls into contact centers by up to 40%
First point resolution increased from 60% to 90%
General Insurance sales increased by 50%
Payment processing reduced 96% to same day processing
88% reduction in unnecessary steps
Time to setup member accounts decreased by 67%
Cost per transaction reduced by over 40%
Notification of death to settlement reduced by 87%
20% cost reduction
Notification of deceased estate to settlement reduced by 85%
The time to pay benefits from first notification reduced by 76%
Contact Centre call volume decreased by 10%
Notification of financial hardship to payment decreased by 89%

Sustained +32 point increase in EPS engagement

Customer satisfaction increased to over 90%
New home loans, time from application to payment reduced by 93%
Time to open and fund new accounts reduced 98% to the same day
First point resolution increased to 90%
Calls into Contact Centres reduced 60%
Time from application to card issued reduced by 40%
Failure to use a new card in the first two months reduced by 60%
Costs to serve per customer reduced by 90%
First Call Resolution increased by 42%
Net Promoter Score increased from 27% to 68%
Small business revenue increase of 29%
Costs per move reduced by 22%
Average costs per order reduced by 40%
Market share 20% higher than the national average
Broadband growth 30% higher than the national average
Churn reduced by 40%
Billing related failure demand reduced by 72%
Supports tickets completed at first contact increased to 89% with less resources
Failure demand into support teams reduced by 42%
Service availability significantly increased
Critical incidents significantly reduced
Improved ticket resolution turnaround times
The time taken from initial request to software available for use reduced by 81%
Over 45% reduction in backlog items that were previously thought to add value
Web Self Serve registration 40% increase
Significant increase in online applications through understanding what mattered to applicants and providing simple digital services for predictable and repeatable demands
A new software application was conceived, designed, tested and deployed in 8 weeks (using the previous approach it would have taken 2 years)
Spend on IT was less than a tenth of what had been originally budgeted due to unviable technology identified and not funded, with the associated cost avoidance of millions of dollars
60% reduction in the number of rejected documents being lodged by service users
Released 30% of the current workforce to concentrate on proactively delivering value to service users
Reduction and in some cases the removal of backlogs of work
Budgetary savings of over $1.3m p.a. Savings of over $6m p.a. for the broader external system
People no longer rely on I.T. to "manage" the relationship between legal practitioners and the Court. Instead, both front line people and managers work proactively and collaboratively with legal practitioners and other third parties

No risk return on investment

When clients have invested in our services, they receive a cost neutral ROI at a minimum, increasing to a typical 200% - 400% return